The master list of all conferences I attended, spoke at, or organised. Includes links to all my slides. For recent and upcoming events, see also my Lanyrd page.


Conference Date Location Language Status Assets
Conference Date Location Language Status Assets
TechDays 4-5 October Amsterdam English Speaking
Fronteers 6-7 October Amsterdam English Attending
Full Frontal 10-11 November Brighton English Attending
CSS Day + a Special day 15-16 June Amsterdam English Organising


Conference Date Location Language Status Assets
PWA Dev summit 20-21 June Amsterdam English Attending
CSS Day + HTML Special 16-17 June Amsterdam English Organising
PhoneGap Day EU 19-20 May Amsterdam English Organising
Drupal Jam 12 May Maarssen Nederlands Speaking Slides
Beyond Tellerrand 9-10 May Düsseldorf English Attending
dsgnday 13 November Amsterdam English Organising
Fronteers 8-9 October Amsterdam English Attending
Future of Web Apps 6-7 October London English Speaking Slides
Visma private conference 11 September Paris English Speaking Slides
CSS Day 12 June Amsterdam English Organising
PhoneGap Day EU 18 May Amsterdam English Organising
Beyond Tellerrand 12-13 May Düsseldorf English Speaking Slides
Mobilism 27 March Amsterdam English Organising
With the exception of London JS I gave the same Viewports presentation at all of my 2014 conferences. The differences between the slide decks are minimal.
dsgnday 11 November Amsterdam English Organising
Fronteers 9-10 October Amsterdam English Attending
Frontend Conference 27-29 August Zürich English Speaking
Viewports (workshop + conf)
Miscellaneous (workshop)
Touch Events (workshop)
CSS Day 4 June Amsterdam English Organising
HTML5 Dev Conf 21-22 May San Francisco English Workshop
Viewports (workshpp + conf)
Miscellaneous (workshop)
Touch Events (workshop)
Marquee Club 14 May Seattle English Speaking Slides
WebVisions 8-9 May Portland English Speaking Slides
Fronteers Viewports cursus 18 April Utrecht Nederlands Workshop Slides
jQuery Europe 28 Feb - 1 March Vienna English Speaking Slides
London JS 13 February London English Speaking Slides
Fronteers 10-11 October Amsterdam English Attending
PhoneGap Day EU 24 September Amsterdam English Organising
CSS Day 14 June Amsterdam English Organising
Mobilism 16 and 17 May Amsterdam English Organising
BlackBerry Jam 5-6 February Amsterdam English Speaking Slides
Inspire 10-11 December Leiden English Attending
Kings of Code 3 December Amsterdam English Attending
Fronteers 4 and 5 October Amsterdam English Organising
From the Front 21 September Bologna English Speaking Slides
PhoneGap Day EU 14 September Amsterdam English Organising
GoTo 24 and 25 May Amsterdam English Speaking
Mobilism 10 and 11 May Amsterdam English Organising
Breaking Development 16 and 17 April Orlando English Speaking Slides
MoBeers 10 April Kitchener, ON English Speaking Slides
#GTUGSF 7 April San Francisco English Workshop Slides
SF HTML5 6 April San Francisco English Speaking Slides
An Event Apart 2 and 3 April Seattle English Speaking Slides
Apps for smart cities 29 March Amsterdam English Speaking Slides
The Big M 22 and 23 March Bath English Speaking
BlackBerry DevCon 7-8 February Amsterdam English Speaking Slides
Beyond Tellerrand 21-22 November Düsseldorf English Attending
Full Frontal 11 November Brighton English Attending
Mobilism workshop 9 and 10 November Brighton English Teaching
Forum Oxford 28 October Oxford English Speaking Slides
Paris-Web 13 and 14 October Paris Multilingual Speaking Slides
Fronteers 6 and 7 October Amsterdam English Organising
Mobilism workshop 28 and 29 September Frankfurt English Teaching
Mobilism 12 and 13 May Amsterdam English Organising
Front-end Day 26 and 27 April Sofia English Speaking Session 1 slides
Session 2 slides
Workshop slides
Mobile Convention Amsterdam 19 April Amsterdam Multilingual Speaking Slides
The Mobile Browser World 14 April Albany English Speaking Slides
<!DOCTYPE html> 13 April New York City English Speaking Slides
Breaking Development:
11 and 12 April Dallas English Speaking Slides Video
Bay Area Mobile 6 April San Jose English Speaking Slides
Mobile Tech Conference 28-30 March München Multilingual Speaking Slides Video
Mobilism workshop 23 March Amsterdam English Teaching
/dev/haag 25 February Den Haag English Speaking Slides
Amsterdam JS 14 December Amsterdam English Speaking
Full Frontal 12 November Brighton English Attending
Fronteers Gent 4 November Gent Nederlands Speaking Slides
Front Trends 21 and 22 October Warsaw English Speaking Slides
Fronteers 7 and 8 October Amsterdam English Attending
WebExpo 24 and 25 September Prague Multilingual Speaking Slides Video
bada developer day 3 June Amsterdam English Speaking Slides
Howest 21 mei Kortrijk Nederlands Speaking
DIBI 28 April Newcastle
upon Tyne
English Speaking Slides
Mobile World Congress 15-18 February Barcelona English Panel
Technique Retreat 29-31 January Morecambe English Training
Transmissions 3 28 January Manchester English Speaking
Full Frontal 20 November Brighton English Speaking Slides
Fronteers 5-6 November Amsterdam English Organising
Stack Overflow 2 November Amsterdam English Attending
d.Construct 4 September Brighton English Attending
Summer of Widget Workshop 29 August Köln Multilingual Speaking
@media 25-26 June London English Attending
Yahoo! 24 June London English Speaking Slides Interview
Microsoft Dev Days 28-29 May Den Haag Nederlands Speaking Slides
Fronteers Docentendag 7 May Amsterdam Nederlands Speaking Slides
Widget Camp 2 May Amsterdam English Speaking Slides
Voices that Matter 27-30 April San Francisco English Speaking Slides
Google 24 April Mountain View English Speaking Slides Video
Yahoo! 23 April Sunnyvale English Speaking Slides Video
2008 congres 10 December Antwerpen Nederlands Speaking
Fundamentos Web 27-28 October Gijón Multilingual Workshop Slides
The Ajax Experience 29 Sept. - 1 Oct. Boston English Speaking
Slides Audio
Fronteers 11-12 September Amsterdam Multilingual Organising
d.construct 5 September Brighton English Attending
An Event Apart 23-24 June Boston English Speaking Slides
@media 29-30 May London English Attending
Kings of Code 27 May Amsterdam Multilingual Speaking Slides
pfcongrez 12 april Maarssen Nederlands Speaking Slides
The Next Web 3-4 April Amsterdam English Attending
SxSW 8-11 March Austin English Attending
MIX 5-8 March Las Vegas English Attending
@media Ajax 19-20 November London English Speaking Slides
Voices That Matter 22-25 October San Francisco English Speaking Slides
Fronteers founding 18 september Amsterdam Nederlands Organising
@media 7-8 June London English Attending
SxSW 9-13 March Austin English Speaking Slides
d.construct 8 September Brighton English Attending
@media 15-16 June London English Panel
The Web and Beyond 8 June Amsterdam Multilingual Attending
@media 9-10 June London English Attending