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The Mobile Web Handbook — done

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And it’s a wrap. Last Thursday, while being in Zürich, I did the absolutely last edits for The Mobile Web Handbook, my new book published by Smashing Magazine. You can order it and get the e-book right now; the printed book will go out in late September.

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The Mobile Web Handbook — nearly done

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On Tuesday I delivered the final edits for The Mobile Web Handbook, my new book published by Smashing Magazine. Order it here.

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LG TV test report

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After my Samsung smart TV test of two weeks ago I was interested in another TV test. Last Friday I was at a client that turned out to have an LG smart TV with browser, and I ran some quick tests.

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Linkbait 31

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Samsung Smart TV test report

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A friend of mine bought a fairly cheap (so probably not-too-new) Samsung smart TV to watch football, then promptly went on holiday with his family and asked me to feed the cat. In return I demanded the remote for the TV, and the manual (which turned out to be useless). So here’s my report of my first ever smart TV browser test.

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HTML5 Dev Conf slides

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Here are my slides for HTML5 Dev Conf, both the workshop and the conference.

  1. Viewports (workshop and conference)
  2. Miscellaneous (workshop only)
  3. Touch Events (workshop only)


WebVisions slides

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Here are the slides of my Viewports presentation at WebVisions in Portland.

As I said before I’ll repeat the presentation at the Marquee Club in Seattle on the 14th, and at HTML5 Dev Conf in San Francisco on the 22nd. Also, I’ll do an entire workshop on this subject on the 21st, also in San Francisco.


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