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Browser stats for Q1 and Q2

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It’s time for some browser stats, as always courtesy of StatCounter.

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DOM HTML table updated

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And here’s the first table updated according to the new IE8-and-up rule. It’s past time I updated the DOM Compatibility tables, even though they’re not as exciting as they were ten years ago.

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IE survey results

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I wanted to know which IE versions my readers test on, so I held a survey. The results are below.

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A browser for a watch

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In February 1999, when my very first salary as a web developer arrived, I bought two things I wanted but so far couldn’t afford: a CD player and a watch. The CD player is still around somewhere in my new house, waiting to be connected. The watch, curiously, stopped working pretty soon after I stopped working for employers. Freelancers don’t need timekeeping, apparently. That was in 2002, and I haven’t worn a watch since.

Now there’s the Apple Watch. (Also a whole slew of Android Wear watches, but guess which type gets most attention?) I don’t really see the use case, but that might be my lack of imagination. Anyway, my job is not to discuss use cases, but browsers — or rather, the lack of them.

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For the first time we’re going to organise a design conference: dsgnday; 11th of November, Amsterdam. We just unveiled our speakers, and it’s going to be quite a nice conference, if I say so myself.

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The Mobile Web Handbook — done

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And it’s a wrap. Last Thursday, while being in Zürich, I did the absolutely last edits for The Mobile Web Handbook, my new book published by Smashing Magazine. You can order it and get the e-book right now; the printed book will go out in late September.

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The Mobile Web Handbook — nearly done

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On Tuesday I delivered the final edits for The Mobile Web Handbook, my new book published by Smashing Magazine. Order it here.

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