Voor alle duidelijkheid: u kunt mij ook in het Nederlands schrijven.

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Please take a moment to select the subject that fits your message best. It helps me a lot in keeping my mails organised.

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I’m always interested in discussing mobile platform strategy or training jobs.

Advertising on this site is not possible. Please do not ask me for terms and conditions; your mail will be ignored.

NL: Ik neem geen productiewerk meer aan, maar kan wel enkele freelancers van harte aanbevelen.


I have some conference availability in 2014.

I expect you to arrange and pay for my flight and hotel, and I expect to get a speaking slot of at least 40 minutes. I also ask a speaking fee of €1,500, although I may waive that fee for small, grass-root, volunteer-driven European conferences.

Sorry for the long list of requirements, but economically it does not make sense any more for me to run around speaking at conferences without making any money.

I do not speak about JavaScript any more. Instead, I fully concentrate on the mobile web.

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Thank You

If you just want to say Thank You, go ahead. I almost never reply to Thank You mails, but I do enjoy getting them because they prove that I'm doing something worthwhile.


Please don't send me scripts that you wrote. I generally don’t have the time to look at them.

Please ask complicated CSS questions at CSS Discuss instead of here; there are a lot of helpful people on that list who’ll reply faster than I will.


You may translate any page you like to any language you like, provided

  1. the translation will be available online free of charge.
  2. you prominently display a link to the original at the top of your translation.
  3. you send me the URL when the translation is ready. I will link to your translation from my original page.