CSS coaching

Do you need a CSS coach? Is there too much CSS for you? Unable to take decisions? Need to upgrade your knowledge level? Or do you just need help getting unstuck? Or talk about CSS beyond what you need for your immediate project?

I’m here to help you. I offer individual coaching for beginning or intermediate CSS developers who are lost in tbe sea of options, features, and possibilities. We will discuss your project, review possible problems and solutions, and I can teach you whatever part of CSS gives you trouble.

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The problem with CSS is that there’s so much of it. Every problem has three to six solutions, and picking the best one is often difficult, especially if you’re relatively new to CSS.

With about 20 years of experience with CSS under my belt, I can explain any beginner- or intermediate-level CSS feature, and most of the advanced ones as well. And hey, if I don’t know we’ll look it up. Looking stuff up is a skill you need to learn as well.

Grid and flexbox are especially important topics, and we will discuss them at length and determine if using them will help your project. (Chances are they will. They’re really foundational nowadays.)

Sessions will be remote; probably via Whereby, and usually 2-3 hours in length, with as many repeats as you like. My hourly rate is not set in stone yet; I’m still figuring out what a reasonable price would be, and I’ll take feedback from early clients.

Interested? Get in touch.