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CSS for JavaScripters 1

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I am likely going to write a “CSS for JavaScripters” book, and therefore I need to figure out how to explain CSS to JavaScripters.

Below I take a stab at explaining CSS files as JSON files. What I’d like to know from you is if this comparison makes sense.

If you’re a JavaScripter who’d like to learn some more CSS, please tell me if this helps you understand CSS better or not, and what could be improved. I’d be grateful for your feedback.

If this article generates useful feedback I might do it again. What better way to figure out if you’re making sense than to actually ask the target audience?

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Chromedge and headcount

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So Microsoft is going to retire EdgeHTML and use Chromium instead for Edge while not really answering the question if the web [is] better off with less engine diversity. This upset people, and Mozilla, especially, is worrying about the future:

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Linkbait 42

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Full-stack edition. Look no further than here.

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Fronteers considers applying for W3C membership

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Months of planning come to a head, and the cat is out of the bag. Fronteers, the Dutch professional association of front-end developers, is planning to apply for W3C membership and appoint Rachel Andrew as our paid representative. This would solve the problem of front-end developer representation in W3C.

Note that this plan will be submitted to the Fronteers members on 19th of October, and that they can vote it down.

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Linkbait 41

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Friends edition. Lots of articles by people I’ve known for ages. Not sure why; probably just a coincidence.

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performance.now() conference,
8/9 November, Amsterdam

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It’s always a nail-bitingly tense few months after you decide to create a new conference hoping it’s going to be a success. We decided to inflict this tension on ourselves once again with our latest venture: performance.now().

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Linkbait 40

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A CSS-heavy edition. I’m doing research for my possible new book, and I need to know more about what people don’t like about CSS. So there’s a lot on that topic.

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