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Suppressing the 300ms click delay

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By default, if you tap on a touchscreen it takes about 300ms before a click event fires. It’s possible to remove this delay, but it’s complicated. I investigated it.

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Mobile Viewports workshop San Francisco (and elsewhere)

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Desktop browsers have only one viewport: the browser window. In contrast, mobile browsers have three: layout, visual, and ideal. Why is that? What does it mean for the meta viewport, media queries, and all the rest? Why does responsive design work? (Not how. Why.) And how are the desktop browsers reacting to this series of new concepts coming from the mobile side?

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May West Coast tour; HTML5 Dev Conf

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In mid-May I’ll be on the West Coast for about 10-16 days, ending at HTML5 Dev Conf 19-22 May. I’ll be in Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco, probably in that order. If you want me to come to your company or meet-up, hey, let’s talk.

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Microsoft Android

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A month ago Nokia announced its Nokia X product line which runs Android as its operating system. This is an interesting development because nobody expected Nokia to turn to Android — especially not now, when it’s about to be taken over by Microsoft after gambling (and losing) its independent existence on Windows Phone.

I have a theory about the Nokia X that I’d like to share with you. It may be nonsense, but it fits the currently available facts and makes sense, so it could be true.

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The app is a website

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Three weeks ago I wrote about installable web apps. Last weekend I found an interesting case study. It’s not exactly what I wrote about, but it give valuable insight in what site owners (and possibly consumers) currently want.

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Installable web apps

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Yesterday I replied to a tweet by Marcos about “add to home screen,” and that kicked off a long and rather interesting conversation about installable web apps. This post gives my view.

As Bruce explained in his Fronteers 2013 session, bookmarking something in a mobile browser should mean adding an icon to the device’s home screen instead of making an entry in an otherwise undistinguished bookmark file. As soon as Bruce said this I knew he was right.

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Preventing the touch events’ default action

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Returning false, or calling preventDefault(), in an event handler is supposed to prevent the default action of the event. So if a user clicks a link the link is not followed, if the user scrolls nothing actually happens, etc. Does this work everywhere for the touch events? My latest research gives the details.

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