On this page you can set a few preferences for your visits. These preferences are set and read with JavaScript and stored in a cookie, so your browser must support JavaScript and cookies.

Site navigation

Loading the navigation

By default, the site navigation is loaded only when you click on the 'show site navigation' link. However, some people will want it to be visible at all times, ie. load it automatically on every page. Here you can set that preference.

Position of site navigation

By default, the site navigation has position: fixed. However, this does not work in Explorer 6 and lower, and besides even some users of advanced browsers might want the navigation to scroll with the page. Here you can choose the position of the navigation:

Open submenus

By default, the site navigation allows you to open as many submenus as you like. However, some visitors will want to see only one submenu per level, especially in combination with position: fixed. Here you can set this preference:

External links

By default, external links (which look like this) are opened in the same window. However, you can also opt to open them in a new window: