ppk on JavaScript

I have written a book. It's called "ppk on JavaScript", it's published by New Riders, and obviously I call upon all my readers to buy it.

Cover of my book

Peter-Paul Koch, ppk on JavaScript, 1st edition, New Riders, 2006. ISBN 0321423305.
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One frequently asked question is "Where should I buy the book to get you most royalties?" In general, you should buy it at a small bookstore, since the big Web book selling sites all get largish discounts from the publisher. If you're feeling generous you might even buy it at a small, independent bookstore near you, so that you support two small businesses at once.

If your bookstore doesn't have the book in stock, please ask for it by name.

These pages contain a bit of information about the book. The amount of information will grow over the next few months.


First of all, if you're wondering whether to buy it or not, you can study these excerpts:

The example scripts

The book uses eight real-world example scripts. I advise you to familiarise yourself with them before reading the book; throughout I assume that you have a general idea of what their purpose is and why.

The example scripts page gives links to the example scripts and lists the pages on which aspects of them are discussed.


Books are written by humans, and humans make mistakes. On the errata page I keep track of the mistakes in my book.

Links in the book

The book contains some URLs of interesting resources. The links page offers them in handy Web format, so that you don't have to type them in your browser's Location bar.

Book posts

I regularly post about my book on my blog. Read these book posts.