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The border and this link should have the same color as the text.


Note: this test changes the paragraph’s color, and not its border-color! Still, the border should follow the text color.

The link has color: currentColor, and this should be read as color: inherit. Thus the link color, too, should change with the paragraph color.

The border-bottom of the link is black, but goes to the currentColor when you hover. Bug in WebKit-based browsers: once you’ve hovered once, the current color is used for any subsequent hover, even when you change the paragraph’s color.

Style sheet:

p#test {
	padding: 5px;
	border-width: 5px;
	border-style: double;
	border-color: currentColor;

p#test a {
	color: currentColor;
	border-color: black;

p#test a:hover {
	border-color: currentColor;